Our Services

Live Support and Solution

IT Source and Services with Support

Delta provides IT Source and Live support to the clients in global. We reached and recognized as one of the best IT service provider in India. All of our well experienced Staff has strived to give best service to our clients. 

  • Technical support with Live support globally. 
  • IT Infrastructure and Facility Management
  • Networking solutions and Testing.  
  • Software Design and Development as clients need
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IT Source

We strive to provide IT support and service to the clients.

Advanced IT Support 

Live support and solution via mail and chat box. Solution for IT Service.

Security Devices

All type security devices such as GPS Tracker, Alarm for Theft, All other devices for Home and Automobiles with Installation support.

Software Development

We develop windows software and Mobile  applications as you need,   such as iOS, Android, Windows etc. 


We built your career in abroad opportunities. All immigration procedure will be done by systemetic way.

Visa Support 

Once you decided to get Immigration procedure, we will create your Visa documentation and further procedure.

Banking and Investment 

We help to all clients and Individual customers to invest in right way to earn more as they need in percentage basis with term.


We involve in help to improve your business together with us. We engage in your success and happiness.